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The production and trading programme of the Garden division is currently the major activity of our company. We systematically focus on quality and accessibility of the products and services we provide to our customers and business partners. By innovating our product range, improving the delivery system, our quality production and sourcing base together with flexible sales and distribution network including our own e-shop we have gained a reputation of a respectable and reliable partner with a leading position on the market in the Czech Republic and Europe.

HOBBY PROGRAM is here for all growers and gardening enthusiasts who enjoy working in the garden as their hobby. We are proud that all growers, from complete beginners to demanding professionals, can find the right products in our range that meet their needs and satisfy them. 


Comprehensive offer of plant care for home and garden covers growing substrates and soils, liquid and solid fertilizers of all types, grass seed and a full range of lawn care products, mulching bark, wood chips, plant protection products, and a special range for organic gardening. All our products are available through garden centres, florists, supermarket chains, or in our own reliable e-shop

Our most popular range AGRO covers the widest offer of substrates, fertilizers, grass seed mixes, plant care products and decoration materials. It is the ideal choice for every grower who prefers a varied offer at a reasonable price while not being horticulture and plant nutrition professional.


The premium range FLORIA is intended for demanding growers who prefer a guaranteed and proven effect of every single item to low-priced do-it-all products. These customers appreciate each of the benefit ingredients contained in our formulations and respect the higher price of the specialized products.

Our range for organic growing and gardening NATURA allows for growing fruit, vegetables or herbs with a security of no chemical substances. All the products in this range are based purely on natural materials. They are ideal for those who value nature and want to know precisely what they are eating.

KRISTALON premium fertilizers are a top-quality 100% water-soluble source of nutrients. Marketed since 1996, they continue to be the consumers’ and professionals’ most popular and best-rated fertilizers. Every third gardener knows KRISTALON.

​“Worm water”, our VITALITY KOMPLEX is a phenomenon in increasing plants’ intake of nutrients. The formulation of this product kicks-off dynamic growth in plants and supports their prolific blooming and fruiting. The product is based on natural earthworm compost.

Products of the NEUDORFF brand are highly effective formulations respecting the environment. Their role is to protect plants, aquatic environment, pets and domestic animals. These products contain nature-base active substances, such as natural pyrethrin, rapeseed oil, and natural fatty acids.

Products in the PRIMAFLORA range focus on less demanding growers. This range is characterised by a versatility of its individual basic products still retain good quality.

In 2010 we established the LITTLE GARDENER  project, which focuses on kindergartens promoting environmental education. The aim of this project is to raise children’s interest in nature, its various processes and phenomena, to promote their responsibility, independence, and healthy competitiveness. It helps to create gardens full of stimuli, which become places of creativity, learning, and discovery.


PROFI PROGRAM focuses on professional growers vegetable farmers, flower growers, ornamental, and forest nurseries as well as garden and park realizations, football and golf courses and green roofs..

The range contains professional substrates, mineral-based and long-acting fertilizers, grass seed mixes, turf, pesticides, as well as small tools and equipment for plant and lawn care. More information on

The GARDENBOOM range is the sixth sense of every garden. It deals with the lawn from the seeding phase through seasonal maintenance to any potential repairs. The nearest surroundings of every house are very important for the overall atmosphere and a quality lawn forms its essential part. This range will allow you to achieve a perfect look and overall condition of not just the lawn, but of the entire garden.


Exceptional product range of fertilizers FENIX PROFESSIONAL provides exactly the nutrients that your lawn needs. While developing the FENIX fertilizers, we paid great attention to the requirements and suggestions of professional turf growers. The fertilizers come in uniform granulation, with long-lasting effect, and of course with all the essential nutrients.


TURF NURSERY has been a part of the PROFI programme since 2004.

Nowadays it covers 35 hectares of area and produces top-quality turf cultivated with respect to the climatic conditions in the Czech Republic. Our PARK and FOTBAL PROFI turf sods are delivered to most of the Czech premier league football pitches and golf resorts. You can find them also in public parks, gardens, and in public green areas.


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