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we value natural resources

We operate a 1.7 MW biogas station as well as a nearby composting plant.

Both these facilities process plant-based materials and produce electricity as well as heat delivered into the Jaroměř municipal heat supply system. The composting plant produces certified compost for agriculture

COMPOSTING PLANT serves the entire Hradec Králové (East Bohemia) region.

We process various compostable wastes from the maintenance of public greenery.


The composting plant is designed as an open aerobic compost in a water-proofed area stacked in triangular strip heaps that are

intensively aerated using a special compost digger that frequently turns the processed materials. The resulting products are then used for the activities of the company; part is supplied to various farming enterprises.

BIOGAS STATION with 1,732 kW installed power is located on the outskirts of Jaroměř.

This renewable source of energy functions on the principle of biological degradation of organic matter in anaerobic fermentation tanks. The resulting product is biogas containing approximately 57 % of CH4 methane that is used as fuel for cogeneration units producing electricity and heat.

We supply the electricity to the grid, while heat is used to heat up the fermentation tanks and also almost 700 households in Jaroměř.
Another output from the biogas station is the so-called digestate, a certified organic fertilizer that is applied in agriculture.

HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION  is operated within the AGRO CS facility in Ceska Skalice.

The former power station from the 1st half of the 19th century underwent a complete overhaul in 2011. The old station was reconstructed including the feeding canals and vertical Francis turbine that currently generates 132 kW.
The produced electricity is used in our facilities; the rest is supplied to the grid.




Operations Manager

Petr Stohanzl
+420 603 826 655

Manager of the composting plant

Klara Sestakova

 +420 731 663 184


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