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GRAND - generous in all aspects


There are pets in many beautiful gardens and a home without a pet is just a house. If your plants and lawns deserve the best care, your four-legged friends should deserve the same.

And this is exactly the care provided by the flagship of our Petfood division – GRAND pet food.


GRAND - is generous in all aspects – this is our motto.

GRAND does not believe in cheap substitutes, artificial preservatives and flavourings. It is a complete food made from natural ingredients that is tasty, healthy, and makes the pets happy. 


We make the GRAND foods in our own facility here in the Czech Republic, which gives us total control over the quality of the ingredients used. Our product is special in offering monoprotein formulas. This means that the proteins come from a single type of fresh meat – fish, chicken, or beef. There’s no accounting for taste and a hundred of people would come with hundred different taste preferences. The same applies to cats and dogs. Some would eat everything, some are pickier. We are here to serve the true canine and feline gourmets. Some pets are allergic to certain proteins, such as soy or gluten, and by feeding them the right type of food you can avoid serious health problems. 


GRAND is the right choice for generous pet owners who want the best, not just nearly the best.


petfood kontakt

Consulting area Bohemia

Nela Stavrovska

+420 734 767 859

Consulting area Bohemia and abroad
Katerina Pospichalova
+420 732 228 822



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