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holding of corporations
  • AGRO CS a. s. is the founder and mother company of a holding of manufacturing and trading corporations that specialise mainly in products for horticulture, growing, gardening, and landscaping.


  • ​AGRO CS a. s. belongs to European leaders producing substrates, fertilizers, grass seed mixes, and turf. All these, together with deliveries of industrial fertilizers to farmers and production of energy from renewable sources, are the key areas of the holding’s business.

  • We have a varied customer portfolio. From gardeners, pet owners through professional growers, forest nurseries or farmers, to keepers of football pitches and golf greens, to communities and municipalities.


  • The range of products made by our divisions can be seen across Europe, in the Baltic States, and in the countries of the Russian Federation. A successful export of growing equipment and engineering technologies makes up a significant part of the holding’s business.

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