Mechanical Engineering Division

Our engineering division, its management and technologies are known in the Czech Republic as well as abroad (Lithuania, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Austria, Russia, Slovenia, Ukraine). The division has a long tradition and experience with developing, producing and delivering machines, appliances and entire operating systems for handling loose materials. Especially for operations in stocking, transport, mixing, sorting, dosing, weighing, filling and packing, pallet-stacking, robotized operations and wrapping of pallets e.g. with solid industrial fertilizers, substrates, cereals, sand, gravel, soil, compost, waste materials, etc.

 The engineering division performs:

  • processing of quotations according to customers’ demands
  • own design and construction
  • production and subcontracting of machinery and appliances
  • delivery of the ordered technologies including installation
  • starting-up and testing of the technologies, training of operators and maintenance staff
  • warranty and post-warranty service

 The engineering division produces and delivers:

 technologies for handling loose materials consisting of the following elements:

  • stainless steel belt conveyors, belt conveyors made of construction steel
  • stainless steel bucket elevators, bucket elevators made of construction steel
  • stainless steel cardioids separation flaps, circular separation flaps
  • stainless steel filling linear flaps and stoppers
  • trade and technological BIG-BAG filling lines
  • trade and technological filling lines for valve bags
  • trade and technological filling lines for open bags
  • weighing levellers and levelling platforms
  • belt batching dispensers
  • helical batching dispensers
  • cylindrical mixing machines
  • helical mixing machines
  • software for technological units

Stocking: funnels, silos

Material handling: belt, helical, vibration, spiral, pneumatic conveyors, bucket elevators, separation flaps

Mixing: discontinuous, continuous, mobile mixing machines

Sorting: rotation, vibration, mesh, rotating stellate, mobile sorting machines

Batching: components and micro-components, batching dispensers

Weighing: funnels, silos, tanks, vats

Scaling: loads, bridge scales

Filling: open and valve bags, big bags

Pallet stacking: roller tracks, pallet stackers, robots, pallet wrapping