About Company

The Czech company AGRO CS was established in 1992 as a follower of the former company Agropodnik. The company continued business activities of Agropodnik and started to produce substrates and fertilizers and sell goods for gardeners. In the following years daughter companies in Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and Romania were established. In 2009 and 2011 two subsidiary companies in Lithuania were established. These companies are engaged in mining black and white peat, which is a basic ingredient of substrates produced by AGRO CS. In 2015 AGRO CS a.s. became an owner of peatbog „Skuraty” in Belarus.

In 2013 and 2015 AGRO CS became a majority owner of two agricultural companies oriented to plant and meat production, and also invested into the company Engelmann Czech, that takes care of golf courses in the Czech Republic.

Within the years the company grew up and it was necessary to increase the production and storage capacity. In 2007 a new production and logistics centre was built. Its total warehouse capacity is about 115 000 m2 of a solid surface and 60 000 m3 of covered premises.

In the parent company AGRO CS work about 240 employees. Including subsidiaries, it is then more than 700 employees. The company's turnover exceeds the domestic market of 1.8 billion CZK (61 M €). Subsidiaries operates in the Slovak Republic, Lithuania, Hungary and Romania. The whole AGRO CS Group reached the turnover of 2.5 billion CZK (92 M €).

Nowadays AGRO CS consists of 4 divisions - Garden, Agricultural Service, Mechanical Engineering and Bioenergy Divisions. All of them are well known among its customers as a reliable and responsible supplier of products, services and modern technologies for gardening. 

GARDEN DIVISION supplies all the gardening products (substrates, fertilizers, lawn programme, plant protection products and others) to customers. The company puts emphasis on the quality of the products and provided services. All the products can be found in specialized garden centers, common retail sale and wholesale networks. Garden Division also focuses on professional growers, golf courses and football pitches operators, implementation companies, cities and municipalities. Since 2004 we have been running 35 hectare turf nursery, where we grow turf of the highest quality.

AGRO SERVICE DIVISION provides farmers and distributors in the Czech Republic with industrial fertilizers and comprehensive services. The division is also oriented to customized mixing of fertilizers, transportation of the DAM liquid fertilizer and land mapping using the GPS system. The division also provides accredited analysis of soil, water, waste water, sediments, fruits, vegetables and many others in its own modernly equipped and certified laboratory.

MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DIVISION has a long-standing tradition and excellent experience in development, planning, construction, production and delivering technology for handling loose materials, weighting and packaging goods and for the waste management sphere. All the supplied technologies are often used in environment containing aggressive chemicals (chemical production, storage of industrial fertilizers,…). These technologies and control systems are widely known in the Czech Republic, as well as in Lithuania, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Austria, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine.

BIOENERGY DIVISION currently operates biogas plant with an output of 1.7 MW and the subsequent composting plant. Both devices process raw materials of plant origin. The outcome is both electricity and heat supplied to the heating system of cities. The composting plant produces a compost certified for agricultural use.