AGRO CS a.s. Garden divison Division activity

Ever since we entered the consumer market in 1994, we have been putting emphasis on the quality of our products and services provided. Extending our range of products annually,  improving our delivery system, shortening the delivery terms supported with our top-quality production using the first-class raw materials along with our flexible trade and distribution network helped us make our company a respectable and reliable business partner and achieve a leading position in the market. Our customers can find our products in specialized garden centres, in common retail sale and wholesale networks, in all super- and hypermarkets, food chains and other shopping centres.

As we want to be the first to respond to new trends, we established a 20-hectare lawn nursery in 2004. It is one of the largest and the most state-of-the-art nursery in the Czech Republic. At the present time, a mobile mixing device is being installed. The device is used for establishing large lawns such as football pitches or golf courses. We are trying our best to provide our customers with comprehensive solutions to their needs. This should also be supported by introducing a new range of "house chemistry" products in 2007.

The "Hobby" Line

Substrates (Agro, Floria, Primaflora, AB Extra)

Mulching materials (bark, decorative mulching materials, coloured wooden chips)

Mineral, organic, organomineral, crystalline and liquid fertilizers

Exclusive distribution of Kristalon (a water-soluble fertilizer in the "Hobby" packaging) in the Czech Republics

All for a Perfect Lawn – The Grass Programme (Král trávníků)

Plant protection agents

The "Profi" Line

Special substrates either in bulk or packaged in "big bags" per 75 and 250 litres, various kinds of peat, fertilizers, growing containers

Advisory services on plant nutrition

Programme for decorative tree and forest tree nurseries

Programme for Flower Growers, Mushroom Growers

Lawn Programme

Lawn substrates, grass seed mixtures, special fertilizers, pesticides, mulching bark and decorative materials

Growing grass carpets

Comprehensive Golf-course-care Programme

Garden and Park Programme, technical services

Comprehensive Football-pitch-care Programme