Products & Services

Ever since we entered the consumer market in 1994, we have been putting emphasis on the quality of our products and services provided. Extending our range of products annually,improving our delivery system, shortening the delivery terms supported with our top-quality production using the first-classraw materials along with our flexible trade and distribution network helped us make our company a respectable and reliable business partner and achieve a leading position in the market.

Our customers can find our products in specialized garden centres, in common retail sale and wholesale networks,in all super- and hypermarkets, food chains and other shopping centres.

Garden Division also focuses on professional grower range of customers, golf courses and football pitches operators,implementation companies, cities and municipalities. Since 2004 we have been running 35 hectare turf nursery, where we grow turf grass of the highest quality.

HOBBY range for home planting and gardening (English catalogue - 29 MB)

PROFI range for professional use (English catalogue - 22 MB)