AGRO CS a.s. About us Agro CS a.s.

We have been a successful company for a long time, a company that cares about its reputation and that considers its personnel, its customers and its trademark to be the most important assets.We strive for developing and maintaining harmonic relations both within the Company and outside the Company. We wish our products to brighten the environment. That is why our slogan: "Let's Make the World More Beautiful" expresses the sense of our existence.

Ing. Jan Harant

Chairman of the Board of Directors


The History


Established the joint venture of "Agrochemicky Podnik" (later "Agropodnik"). The objects of the company provided various plant-growing services and activities for member organizations;


The joint venture transformed into a joint-stock company;


Established AGRO CS spol. s r.o. (Ltd.). The company rented the whole property of the former "Agropodnik" and started to continue its business activities, i.e. especially the production of substrates and fertilizers as well as the sale of various goods for gardening;


The company transformed from a limited liability company into a joint-stock company;


The first sister company of ABEX Substraty a.s. launched its production;


The other sisters companies AGRO CS Poland Sp. z o.o., AGRO CS HUNGARY Kft.,

AGRO CS Slovakia a.s., were opened for business;


"Agropodnik" was dissolved and AGRO CS a.s. as its principal shareholder took over the whole property of "Agropodnik";


AGRO CS became a majority proprietor of AGROPODNIK ORLICE a.s. and purchased the centre at Bezdekov;


AGRO CS has purchased premises of the former TIBA Textile Factory in Česká Skalice. The premises serve as warehouses and storage yards.